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Effective December 31, 2020, the School of Interior Redesign LLC is closing its doors. Thank you for all of your support over the years.

We miss you already!

What You Should Know About
Training and Certification

Because there are so many programs, teaching methods, and certifications available, with more appearing every day, making decisions about the program you take can become confusing. Here are some things you should find out about any training program you are considering:

  • What is the business experience in the field of instruction of the person conducting the training?  

    Many people barely start a business, then decide to teach others how to run a similar business.  If you don't have experience running your own business, how can you teach others to do the same?  The combined experience for the instructors for School of Interior Redesign is over 30 years!
  • Has the program received state approval?  

    Many states require training programs to be state approved, yet many (if not most) of the people doing the training either don't know that or don't bother to get that approval.  States require approval for the protection of the students.  Make sure the program you take has that approval.  The School of Interior Redesign is approved by the Connecticut Department of Higher Education as a private occupational school, which means its programs and instructors have been carefully reviewed and approved, ensuring you receive the best possible education available.
  • How large is the class?  

    The smaller the class size, the more attention you will receive from the instructor, assuring your training needs are met.  The class size for each of the in-person programs offered by the School of Interior Redesign does not exceed five students.
  • What types of training aids are used during the training?  

    We don't all learn the same way.  A training program should incorporate a variety of teaching methods and aids, including lecture, exercises, visual aids, and, of course, hands-on.  Regardless of the program you take, the School of Interior Redesign curriculum ensures you have the hands-on training you need to succeed.
  • What happens after class? 

    This can be one of the most confusing aspects of training.  Many training programs offer certification after completion, believing that will make their program more attractive.  However, there is no recognized certification at either the state or national level for any programs in redesign, staging, or interior decorating.  Certification is simply self-certification by the person doing the training, or certification by an organization the individual joins after the training.  It does nothing to improve the quality of the training, nor is it anything clients understand or even ask about.  Instead of certification, know what type of on-going support is available to you after the program ends, and at what cost.  At the School of Interior Redesign, we are always available to help, regardless of when you completed your program with us.  And you are welcome to return for a "refresher" (space permitting) after you have completed your course.  And to ensure you receive support from others outside of SIR, you are eligible to join the Association of Design Education (www.associationofdesigneducation.com), an organization founded to both ensure the quality of your training experience, as well as to provide ongoing education and support as you grow your business.